Services & Prices

I offer a range of services to fit round your schedule to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy! I do free consultations where I will come to your house to meet you and your dog, learn about your dog's needs and discuss which services would suit you best.

Group & solo walks
My dogs enjoy numerous places to walk, run and explore. I can walk your dog either on or off lead, whichever you are most comfortable with. The safety, happiness and well being of your dog always comes first!
Day care & puppy 'pop in'
I will feed and walk your dog / puppy and ensure they are happy and comfortable. Each visit lasts 30 to 60 minutes and we always leave the house as we find it, there will be no muddy paws for you to come home to!
Dog grooming by Dottie's
Whilst I don't dog groom, the best dog grooming service in Sheffield is Dottie's.
They are based on Hatfield House Lane, S5 6HX. Julie has a fully equipped pod in a secure back garden. See Dottie's instagram or website for any grooming enquiries!


  • 1 hour group walk - £12
  • 1 hour solo walk - £16
  • Puppy 'pop-in' - £9 for 30 minutes - available up to 3x per day.
  • 30 minute group walk - £9 (Sorry! This is currently unavailable due to capacity. Updated April 2022)
  • 30 minute solo walk - £12 (Sorry! This is currently unavailable due to capacity. Updated April 2022)
  • For dog grooming and dog boarding enquiries please visit Dottie's Dog Grooming or call Julie on 07884053851

How to get in touch
Please call me on 07375 021 074 or use the buttons below to send me an enquiry via the website or WhatsApp!