Wilf's Walks
I cover areas such as Crookes, Walkley & more!
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What I believe in
"I believe in providing a professional service that treats all dogs with love & respect"

Making the most of the outdoors!

I take dogs for both solo and group walks to a variety of places around Sheffield. I try to let all my dogs off lead where its safe & possible, to ensure they get the most out of their time outside with me! We play fetch, discover new areas with woodland and streams so that the dogs are stimulated and enjoying themselves!

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Who was Wilf?

Wilf's Walks is named after our beloved Spinone, Wilfred, who sadly passed away aged 10, in November 2021. My goal is for his name to be associated with a a loving and caring dog walking service for many years to come!

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Please call me on 07375 021 074 or use the buttons below to send me an enquiry via the website or WhatsApp!